Posted by: Laura Phillips Garner | April 1, 2010

DKNY Gets Cozy On Bravo’s “Kell on Earth”

Before I watched the season finale of “Kell on Earth” on Bravo this week, I had never heard of a DKNY Cozy.

For those of you who have yet to have the pleasure, a Cozy is a cardigan/scarf/wrap that women can wear at least 12 different ways. Multiply 12 with the gazillion colors it comes in, and, well, that’s a lot of looks for women who want to look polished and trendy and be comfortable at the same time.

I’m not here to sell the Cozy. Heck, I don’t even own one—yet. It just seemed to me that the Cozy’s appearance on “Kell on Earth” is a great example of how to freshen up the marketing of a fashion staple that apparently has been around for years with a new media strategy promoted on cable television.

Some background: Kelly Cutrone is the “Kell” in “Kell on Earth.” Cutrone is a fashion publicist and founder of People’s Revolution, a public relations, branding and marketing firm known for its New York Fashion Week productions. In Episode 8, DKNY hires Cutrone to executive produce a video for the Cozy. About 30 minutes of the show chronicles the guerrilla video production as Cutrone, a camera crew and a gaggle of models run around New York City to film the footage for the one-minute video over a span of nine hours, on a shoestring budget, and without permits from the city. Then, Cutrone shows the completed video to the People’s Revolution staff (Viewers see just enough to make them curious.) and talks briefly about how everyone in the fashion industry is trying to figure out how to best use digital media because it has almost no distribution costs.

So, by DKNY having Kelly Cutrone produce its branded content, the company got 30 minutes on a television show on a popular cable network geared to its target audience—women who care about fashion. Don’t forget, Bravo runs its shows over and over. Cutrone talking up that the video’s appearance on the DKNY Facebook fan page and the DKNY Web site during “Kell on Earth” didn’t hurt either. There’s even a ‘Kell on Earth” icon in the Special Features section at the top of that takes consumers right to the Cozy video, links them directly to the Cozy Web page and offers them 10 percent off their first purchase if they register.

Also, bloggers like The Frisky, Coquette, Stylecaster, and wrote about the DKNY shoot on “Kell on Earth,” so there’s more PR. All the producers of “Kell on Earth” would have had to add was a call to action to order the Cozy at and an 800 number, and it would have been a really savvy infomercial.

When I went to the DKNY Facebook fan page to see the video, I instead saw a post for the DKNY Cozy App for iPhone that launched in November 2009. It features a stylist who takes the user through the myriad of ways to wrap a Cozy. The Cutrone-produced Cozy video actually is behind the DKNY Facebook fan page video tab. It’s the first one, but there’s no caption to tell the viewer that. Once viewers get to the video, they find out that DKNY reloaded the Cozy video on the DKNY Facebook fan page on Tuesday, March 30, 2010, and it is making a return appearance due to “popular demand.”

Hmmmm. Is the Cozy is about to become an “overnight” sensation? DKNY: Don’t forget your 93,000 fans over there on Facebook. They are talking you up! Word is getting around. Viral marketing via social networks has a way of doing that.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me. I’ve got to go buy a Cozy.


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