Posted by: Laura Phillips Garner | April 20, 2010

Dairy Queen Takes Party to the People With Blizzardmobile

DQ is celebrating the Blizzard frozen treat's 25th birthday with a 25-city tour in the Blizzardmobile.

The Dairy Queen Blizzard is 25, and DQ is taking the party to the people to celebrate, and, of course, sell ice cream.

The modus operandi is the Blizzardmobile. Dairy Queen Chief Marketing Officer Michael Keller told Comet Branding Radio that the inspiration for the BlizzardMobile is a mix of the “Where The Hell Is Matt” videos on YouTube, T-Mobile’s flashmob advertisement at London’s Liverpool Street train station, and the Kogi Korean BBQ-To-Go truck that travels around Los Angeles to feed late night revelers.

The 25-city 75-stop DQ 25th Birthday tour in the Blizzardmobile began April 2 in Milwaukee, Wis., and ends Aug. 13 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. DQ analyzed the geographical locations of its 2.2 million Blizzard Fan Club members to decide where to send the Blizzardmobile. Blizzard Fan Club members in each city are voting on the DQ franchise that will be the third stop, Keller said.

The folks at DQ plan to give away 75,000 to 100,000 mini-blizzards to adoring fans, and, well, those who might never have had the pleasure during the course of the Blizzard birthday tour. All the details are on the DQ Facebook Fan Page. Look under the “Party Tour” tab.

DQ also is offering a promotion of “Buy One Blizzard Get One for 25 Cents” to celebrate. The offer ends April 25th. My favorite blizzard of all time is French Silk Pie. What’s yours?

–Laura Phillips Garner

Editor’s Note: Dairy Queen Takes Party to the People With Blizzardmobile is Part 1 of a three-part series about Dairy Queen’s marketing campaign for the Blizzard’s 25th birthday.


  1. Very cool! I’ll look forward to parts 2 and 3

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